Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) do?

Managed IT Service (MSP) providers offer  remote support and management to customer’s IT infrastructure or end-user system.  Managed IT  Services and Securiy Operations Center ranges from 24/7 helpdesk support, network & server support, email cloud solutions, and enterprise solutions and more.

How do managed services work?
  • We monitor all of your IT infrastrature 24/7/365.
  • We provide help desk support to answer all of your client’s questions.
  • We assist you with your hardware and software sales support needs.
  • We provide technical support onsite or offsite (using remote connect tools).
Who can use managed services?

Your company can benefit from a managed IT services approach if…

  • If you can no longer manage your IT deparment despite it being an integral part of your business.
  • If you cannot afford to have your own internal IT team.
  • If you want to focus on your business’ core functions than dealing with IT challenges.
  • If you want a cost-efficient strategy to fixing your IT problems.
What should be the size of your company to benefit from a managed service?
  • For you to fully benefit from a managed IT service, you should have at least 10 workstations/end-user and one server.
  • You can ramp-up depending on your business growth plans and initiatives.
What is included in your Security Operations Center (SOC)?
Our comprehensive security operations center services include:

  • Security Assessment – Quarterly
  • Security Patch Management
  • Antivirus/Anti-Malware
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24-7 Security & Compliance Monitoring
  • IDS Alerts
  • SIEM w/ Event Correlation & Analysis*
  • Threat Management
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Removal of Virus, Malware & Spyware
  • Filter Through False Positives 24-7
  • Incident Alerts & Remediation Recommendations
  • Reporting
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Pen Testing (Quarterly)
  • QBR w/ vCiSO*
  • Dark Web Scanning
  • Backup & Recovery DR – VM’s Only
Do you offer Microsoft and Office 365 Support?

Yes we support Microsoft 365 and Office 365 issues.

  • Outlook Configuration
  • Track Licensing & Inventory
  • Password Reset
  • Mail Forwarding
  • SPAM Management
  • OneDrive/SharePoint Resolution
  • Patch/Security Updates
  • User Group Management
  • Adds/Changes/Delete
  • Distribution List Management
  • Policy Management
  • Mobile Configuration
  • Quota Management
  • Office Suite Resolution
  • Resolve Error Messages
  • Email Encryption
  • Teams
  • Email Archive – Product
  • Email Backup – Product
  • Office 365 Training Portal – Product
  • Phishing Email Service – Security Awareness – Product
What is included in your 24/7 Helpdesk Support?
Our 24/7 helpdesk support services include:

  • Help Desk Support – Business Hours
  • HW/SW Asset Management
  • Wi-Fi & Network Support Antivirus/Anti-Malware Support
  • PC/Mac O/S Support
  • Business App Support
  • Windows & Google Suite Support
  • Peripheral Support: Printers, Scanners
  • Resolver Error Messages
  • General Performance Issues/Optimization
  • Password Reset
  • Policy Management
  • Patch/Security Updates
  • Minor Software Upgrades
  • Online Backup & Recovery – Product
  • Phishing Email Service – Security Awareness – Product
  • Endpoint Detection & Response – Product
  • Intrusion Detection & Alerting – Product
  • Compliance Policy Monitoring & Reporting – Product
What is included in your 24/7 Server Monitoring?

Our 24/7 network and server support services include:

  • HW/SW Asset Management
  • Warranty/Support Contracts
  • Disk Space
  • AD Is Online
  • CPU Load
  • RAM Used
  • Backup Runs As Scheduled
  • Server Is Online
  • Memory
  • Licensing
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Software Operating Properly
  • Bandwidth
  • Patch Management/Status
  • Domain Controllers
  • Windows Event Log
  • System Change
  • Temperature In Server Room*
  • NOC/SOC Filters Through False Positives – Level I
  • Security & Compliance Monitoring – Product
  • Online Backup & Recovery – Product*
What is included in your 24/7 Network Management?

Our 24/7 network and server support services include:

  • Management/Maintenance
  • HW/SW Asset Management
  • Self-Healing Automation
  • Patch Management
  • 24-7 Health Monitoring
  • Policy Management
  • Security Updates
  • Minor Software Upgrades
  • F/R/S Firmware Updates
  • Warranty Management
  • Escalation
  • General Performance Optimization
  • 24-7 Support From the NOC/SOC
  • Remote Access/VPN Configuration
  • Security & Compliance Monitoring – Product
What is included in your 24/7 Network Monitoring Support?

Our 24/7 network monitoring support include:

  • Waranty/Support Contracts
  • RAM Used
  • Devices Are Online
  • Bandwidth
  • Licensing
  • CPU Load
  • Performance Testing
  • Memory
  • Temperature In Server Room*
  • Disk Space
  • AD Is Online
  • System Change
  • Reboot
  • NOC Filters False Positives – Escalates
  • Security & Compliance Monitoring – Product
Do you have a VOIP Support?

Yes we also support unified communications issues.

  • Password Resets
  • Adds/Changes/Delete
  • Audit Of Accounts
  • Patch Management
  • Security Updates
  • 24-7 Health Monitoring
  • Resolving Faxing Issues
  • ActiveSync Issues
  • Minor Software Upgrades
  • Improve Voice Quality
  • Configure Mobile For VoIP Calls
  • Configure Softphones If Applicable
  • Administration of VoIP
  • Remote Control
What does it cost to sign-up for a managed IT service?

We offer different packages that are suitable to your specific needs. We are not a one size fits all company. Different plans are made available for you either at a fixed or scalable cost. Arrange a meeting with us so we can discuss what exactly you need.

Can I get a discount?

Sure you can. We can discuss what payment options you have & alongside the discounts attached to every plan.

Would my bill increase if the hours we consumed is more than what's in our contract?

You charges you pay are based on the number of workstations and employees under management and not on the number of support hours that you require.

Am I going to be locked up in a contract?

We invest large amount of money and energy in setting up your account. Part of the expenses we incur include resourcing, on-boarding and setting-up of the workstations. It would secure us both if we move forward with either a short or long-term agreement.

What's included in the things I have to pay?

Changes on plans, subscriptions, renewals or add-on services.

Can we cancel if we did not like the service?

We ensure among ourselves to give the best service our clients deserve. In cases when you are satisfied at all, we will sit with you and discuss what you do not like so we can work it out for you.

What industries do you service?

We provide managed IT services to various businesses with unique IT infrastructure needs. We service legal, real estate and constructions, manufacturing and distribution, accounting and finance, retail and services, even healthcare industries.

What states do you service?

We service all states of the USA.

Where are your agents located? How is their English?

Our technical support and IT staff are based in the USA and so there is no perceived language barrrier.

"Ascend Square replaced our former MSP and we are so happy we made the change. We had many challenges with our last MSP that we considered hiring a full-time employee. We are so happy we chose the team at Ascend Square for several reasons. Our costs did not increase by much, the experienced help desk team resolves problems quickly and their SOC team has caught several threats since we implemented their EDR and SIEM solution. Thank you Ascend Square."

Media Firm

"Ascend Square provides us with FT staff onsite to manage our level I help desk requirements. Their staff is professional and they pay great attention to detail. We have been a client since 2008 and we continue to renew our agreement because we have never been dissatisfied. Ascend Square is one of our most valued partners."

Real Estate Developer
Upper Management

"Ascend Square and our firm partnered back in 2003 and we continue to have them provide their MSP services. They do an outstanding job and have exceeded our expectations. We were recently hacked, but Ascend Square came to the rescue and reimaged our servers within hours. We plan to implement their SOC services as they suggested in 2019."

Manufacturing Firm
Upper management

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